What’s on the Taco?

In a continuing effort to keep food a relevant topic here, it’s time for another thread. Only this one will go a different route. Let’s talk about our favorite places to eat, or maybe places we’ve visited lately or hope to in the future.
As you know, I recently celebrated a birthday, with my son treating me to a movie. And yes, of course we had popcorn. It’s a requirement while at the theater. After a quick grocery store visit, we decided we were too full for lunch. So we headed to my place to drop off some things before I took him back home.

Well, as fate would have it, we got stuck in a classic SoKal traffic jam. Took so long to get through it that dinner time rolled around. (Yay!)

So I chose a burger joint we had never eaten at before. This place is locally owned, and they have 2 locations. I can’t recall where I heard about them, but remember it was a positive review.

We both got bacon cheeseburgers. My son gets his plain. I know, and to think I used to be called picky. Well, actually, I still do at times. But at least I added avacado to mine.
It was an excellent burger. Good size, cooked to perfection.

Would have been nice if it had a bit more bacon, though. The fries were standard, covered with seasoning salt.

Will we go there again? Meh, we’ll see.

I still favor In-N-Out over all others…..and it’s not even close.

Alrighty then, let’s work up an appetite by sharing stories about all our favorite eateries, and anything else involving food! Dig in!