Red Friday Roundup

There are a few stories today worth reading, but this first one is a very important one that I hope folks here will share around (not the photos) but the reminder.

A Gold Star Widow asks please to stop using her and her fallen hero for political reasons- whether or not she agrees with the message.  I can’t blame her one bit, and I pray people will think before they do it again. I pray people will respect her, and thousands of family members who’ve lost their heroes.  Read her request here and then, please share her message.


Next, The Mississippi Air National Guard was activated by U.S. Southern Command to provide lifesaving humanitarian assistance to victims in Guatemala when the Fuego volcano erupted this past Sunday.  They transported six children who were burned, four extremely critical and two critical — from Guatemala to Galveston, Texas, on Wednesday.

The they will receive treatment at Shriners Hospital for Children for burns and other injuries sustained in the eruption.  Read here for more.  And if you hadn’t seen satellite photos of the eruption you can see here.
And more here on the aftermath…

Daisy’s been researching things to help us with  PTSD Awareness month.  You guys might remember I posted about a guy named Chad Robichaux last year on a special PTSD thread highlighting positive groups that help returning troops and Veterans with PTSD. In it I posted Chad’s “I am Second” video in which the Military and LEO Veteran describes the way PTSD affected him and how faith brought him through.


Well Chad went on to found the Mighty Oaks Warrior Program- whose mission statement says it all, “Our mission is to operate on a standing commitment to assist veterans, active duty service members, and their families who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress and Combat Trauma, by discovering a new life purpose through Christ.”

For an organization which doesn’t use drugs but instead is a faith-based, community-based, and counseling-based organization, once hurting and suicidal Veterans have found a new life, new faith and often times new relationships with their families.  Daisy and I want to share a few truly humbling and honest stories for the next few weeks to show there is real hope in finding peace and a changed life through this great organization.

Today, we’ll hear from Retired Marine Corps First Sergeant Chris Carlisle,


Mighty Oaks team leader and Army veteran Reed Hastey,

and, Former Navy SEAL and Mighty Oaks Operations Manager, Louis Rivera

We’ll highlight some more of these and other organizations helping in a faith based way over the next few weeks.

I hope and pray for all our Troops and Veterans, for safety, peace and God’s presence surrounding them when they need Him most.

Have a safe and blessed Friday all, and remember to please wear RED to Remember Everyone Deployed.

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