Friday Morning News and Stuff

Mornin’ everyone! I’m off to work, but wanted to post a few things to get people in a smiling mood. But then again, it’s Friday so, maybe everyone is smiling already.

Just a couple of news bits this morning.

The VA, VFW and Walgreens Drugstore chain are getting together to work on helping Veterans mental health care “through enhanced education, access to resources and outreach.”  read more…

I missed it last night, but LilL put this in a comment that I missed until this morning. Worth watching as D.C. first responders pulled out eight ducklings from a storm drain in Southwest D.C. on earlier this week ☺YAY!

Alright. I have to go. I hope everyone has a blessed and safe day. And remember, it’s Friday so please join me in wearing RED…



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