Saturday News Wrap Up

Closing out this week in news, the most hopeful story comes from Raqqa, Syria where Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by U.S-led coalition airstrikes, fought with ISIS militants in a multi-pronged offensive northeast and northwest of the city.

Syrian Kurdish led forces seized a cotton factory and a farmer’s union where it’s believed to be a prison run by ISIS- both of which are only a couple of miles outside of Raqqa which they had planned to advance on this summer.

According to reports, activists also “reported that Syrian government forces were able to regain control of an air base in the northern province of Aleppo from Islamic State militants. Al-Jarrah air base has been seized by IS militants in recent months, and the government troops recapturing it comes amid an offensive in rural Aleppo to drive IS out of one of its last remaining territories in the province, Maskaneh, which borders Raqqa.”

Continued prayers for our troops, the Kurds and people being evacuated from their homes, and that ISIS will be wiped out.

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Amazing, School bus driver from South Carolina is being rightfully called a hero for getting all 56 of her students off the bus safely after smoke was reported by a couple of the kids earlier this week.

Teresa Stroble herded the kids safely away and then radioed the transportation office to call 911 before the bus burst into flames.

Firefighters arrived on the scene minutes later to contain the fire.

“She did exactly what she was trained to do,” Superintendent Scott Turner told CBS affiliate WSPA. “She was calm. She kept the students calm. She made sure they were safe. They were her first priority. She’s our hero today.”

Changing hearts… I love stories like this one,

“Well today I had a change in heart” Police officer surprises mom in court for shoplifting…

Ooh! One more!

“I feel good, I couldn’t feel no better.”  These are the words from our oldest living WW2 Hero as he celebrated his 111th birthday Thursday. 

Richard Overton turned 111 on May 11.  To help celebrate, Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler declared May 11, 2017, as Richard Overton Day, and also gave  the street Overton’s lived on for the past 45 years, the honorary name of Richard Overton Avenue ☺


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