Sunday Messages about Mom

For a long time I was without a church home and was grateful to find some good sermons on a local Christian radio station.  At the time, I’d never heard of most of the pastors I heard, but I sure enjoyed every night listening to a few.  There was one ‘show’ that played in an old radio show format; from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago called “Unshackled”.  They were all based on real testimonies from people over the years of their ministries.

Following that, I listened to Pastor Adrian Rogers based in Bellevue, Tennessee. I really came to love his sermons, and always found his sermons to be timely, but timeless.

Pastor J. Vernon McGee was a treasure I found later, as I used to skip over listening to him because I’d get busy doing things and he sounded ‘too old’.  He is kind of dry, but if you are a more mature Christian, his sermons are full of wisdom and very meaty. I came to be full often when I finally started listening to him every week.

There are a lot of good God fearing, Gospel preaching pastors still, but sometimes it seems like all the Biblically solid ones are leaving this world too soon.  It’s times like these though I’m glad for modern technology where their sermons live, even while they’ve gone on to glory’s shore.

It’s Sunday and it’s also Mother’s Day (Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who come visit).  It’d be a good time to have a few great messages about Mom. Enjoy your day & be blessed!

Oh- PS- take it from someone who is way short of the mark of Proverbs 31, don’t let Pastor Rogers’ usage of it scare you off. It’s a great message. Even if you’re not a mom, these are great sermons full of timeless wisdom.

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