Good Afternoon-Open Thread

I hope you’re all having a good afternoon, the sun is out today and the sky is a brilliant blue here in the Wild and Wonderful state!  Does your state have a motto?  I remember Indiana’s when I was younger was Wander Indiana, I’m not sure if they’ve changed that or not but remember thinking it was strange.    Ours seems to fit my surroundings here in Wheeling and as I have traveled and seen more of the state, I’ve deemed it a perfect representation of West Virginia.  Almost Heaven fits too, but that’s just an endearing sentiment close to a Mountaineers heart.    A few years before I came to the state, the power’s that be here decided that they needed a business boosting slogan for the state.  So, without consulting its population they proceeded to take down all the boarder signs describing who we were, and changed it to WV Open for Business.

I’m not sure how long that one lasted but I know it wasn’t  long because of the push back from Mountaineers, “We are Wild and Wonderful”  and yes open for business, but that fact was obvious from a declining population and empty store fronts and didn’t really need to be announced through a slogan.   It might seem like a  small thing to change it back, and yes it was an easy if costly fix to set things right, but it was done because people here didn’t like it.  Now this is the sign that welcomes us home when we cross the bridge into Almost Heaven and it always makes me happy enough to take a picture.
It makes me wonder, is our outrage about other things imposed upon us by the government not being heard because we are not disliking  it enough or because we are not speaking out enough?    I struggle with this often, to present an effective truth at the right time and in the kindest way possible in order to not shut down conversation.  It’s not always possible though is it?
I find encouragement watching others who are good at doing this like our Duckie friend and other bloggers who are good at engaging conversation with out picking a fight.  I’ve got a long way to go in that area and am glad for the reminder this morning from Duckie that God is still working on me 😊

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