In a Hurry

Monday Devotional with Duckie


Anything worth doing takes time. Have you ever heard that expression before? One of the virtues I always need more of is patience. I fully admit being an impatient person. Especially when it comes to my own personality. I get very impatient with myself when trying to overcome certain problems or situations.

What is it about ourselves when trying to overcome issues, no matter what they might be, that we can’t accept that things take time? Whether it’s dealing with outside circumstances or health issues such as depression or trying to break free from past habits or memories, things are going to take time to work through. Sometimes in cases of ongoing issues, we can have good days but then something will cause a crash and this can be very frustrating and wonder why we can’t just get over things already.

The most precious things will always take time to grow, and it’s no different for those of us who are learning as we grow through our circumstances. If you’re frustrated because you aren’t learning fast enough, ‘getting over it’ fast enough or keep sliding back into old habits you’re trying to break free from, give yourself a break and remember that nothing worth building is completed instantaneously. We are all works in progress, and if our Creator sees something valuable enough in us, shouldn’t we accept that we are where we are according to His time?

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him is verse 7 from Psalms, 37 which is one Psalm I have leaned heavily on for the past number of years. The words remind me that God is never in a hurry, yet in His time things come to pass and we can trust Him to bring us through all things; In His time.

The next time you have a hard day and get frustrated or impatient, remember this,  Trust in God, and give yourself some slack.  He began His work in you, but you’re still…

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