TV Classics

We’ve all seen what has happened to television “entertainment”  in the past fifteen years or so.  It has gotten so I have very few new television shows that I watch regularly because of agenda driven content,  or on cable shows, foul language and sexual/nude content.  Last March we quit cable tv and this was huge for me, I loved my Hallmark Mystery movie shows.  But one channel with fairly good shows wasn’t worth the money and  I felt like if we all say “enough” and quit giving them our money they would eventually feel the hurt and be forced to come back with some good family entertainment and  I have a feeling I could be waiting a while for that and a good news station too.

So how about looking back to some of our old favorites?   I have a few shows on DVD that I watch, I love spending an evening or morning with my favorite tv family, The Waltons.  Mostly they make me feel nostalgic for a time I wasn’t even born in or make me cry because of the lessons of love they portray and Jason’s Ironing Board Blues makes me smile from ear to ear.

I won’t go on with more, you get the idea and  I’m anxious to hear what your old favorites are and see some clips and theme songs from your favorite show!

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