Changing from jeans to pajama pants!

Ah, that’s better, now I can sit back and get comfy.  Maybe some of you actually change into jeans when you get home but not me, give me some comfy, loose wasted pajama pants any day.  I hope you’re all in your comfortable clothes so you can relax and chat with us for a bit.

This is a story about a Zion IL police officer who was given a gift of Hope at just the right moment in his life and how he in turn helps others.    Have a look.

Officer Thorton’s main goal, which he doesn’t mention as much in the video above but does in this one:  is to tell these kids about Jesus and how much he loves them.   Zion IL  is certainly blessed to have Officer Matthew Thorton serve and protect their community and minister to these young adults.           H/T toongoon

So, did anyone hear a good news story today?   Did something happened that concerned or alarmed you on the news front?    What made you laugh or gave you joy to hear?

Share and play anything you’d like and have fun kids!

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