Constitutional Activism 101 KrisAnne Hall

We’re all still learning many things, about lots of different things.  I can tell you are that kind of people and that’s a really good thing!   I remember when I started paying attention to politics I was swayed by many different opinions and I found my head spinning trying to make sense of it all.  I slowly sifted through many different talk show hosts, radio and tv,  until I threw most of them out of my range of hearing.  I have very few who I now listen to now and I’m sure Bruce could tell you, even the ones I do listen to, I do as much talking to them during theirs shows, as they do me.  One of my favorite finds is KrisAnne Hall.  Most of her old shows are relevant to this day because they are Constitutional based teaching.  She may use current event examples but only to highlight her teaching.  Have a listen if you’re so inclined,  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

She posted this one today on fb with these comments..

 “Elections seem to change NOTHING these days. There is only ONE THING that is going to fix this mess, and it is NOT changing the person in the White House or Congress.”

Share your thoughts on the show or tell us who you feel like you learn important things from.   By the way, has anyone ever taken a Hillsdale Constitution course?  I need to take that off my to do list and just do it!

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