Tuesday Mornin’ News Bits? Or Heart Bits

Can News Bits be Heart Bits?  I think so, especially when they go like this:


Elderly lady is eating alone at a restaurant and forgets where she is. Employee calls police, and the officers come and become her dates for the evening… Kind of…

According to the Huntington Beach Police Department Facebook page, “the two officers sat with her while she finished her sandwich, got her a to-go container and boxed her leftovers, then drove her home. “They were so kind, patient, and professional with this woman. They even let her finish her glass of wine! She was definitely flirting and probably loved riding in the front seat of the cop car….that’s right, one of the officers sat in the back so she could have the front seat. She’s going to have a great story to share with her girlfriends!!!!”” 


And I can’t get enough of Good Cop stories since most media seems quite content to post nothing but bad stories.  Check this one out– Officer Lindsey Bittorf of the Milton Police Department in Wisconsin saw a Facebook post back in December by a Wisconsin mom who’s 8-year-old son desperately needs a kidney transplant.

After seeing the Facebook post, Officer Bittorf was determined to get tested to see if she was a match and passed the initial tests, sharing the same blood type and antigens and also within the appropriate age range and in general good health.

Last week she surprised the family at their home and told the boy, “I took an oath to serve and protect our community, and now my kidney’s going to serve and protect you.” ♥  




This last one has been shared quite a bit, so folks may have seen it already- but it’s worth seeing again as
there’s something to be said about old time hockey, patriotism and good manners.

The Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane gave up his first-class seat on a recent flight, allowing a uniformed soldier to move up from coach and sit in his spot instead. Teri Truss, the American Airlines flight attendant said he approached her before takeoff saying, “There’s a soldier on this flight… I would like for him to sit up front, and I would like to give him my first-class seat, and I’ll go to the back.”

When she asked him if he was sure, he said, “Yes.”


I love that. Good for him and God bless our troops.

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