Let’s play a game! Open Thread

This is an open thread but I thought we could play a game.  Think of an object, describe it and see if
we can guess what it is.

I don’t how this will work but let’s give it a go.  I guess if you make it too hard you’ll have to give up more information.  Let’s say three extra hits and you give the answer.  Or not.  HAHA do it how you want!

I’ll start.  I’m thinking of something you can’t physically touch, (well you can, but you can’t)  but you can see it.  It’s every color you can think of depending where you are at the time.  It’s fun, it’s boring, it’s awesome or aggravating.  It’s full of love or it’s filled with hate.  Friends and foes gather alike with fairy tale characters bouncing in and out.  What is it?

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