Wild Open Thread

I just got home lol. Had no idea for an open thread, but since Walter posted that amazing account of Mt. St. Helens, the only thing I could think about is adding hurricanes to the mix. I guess the only other here who would remember the wild year of Hurricane Charlie,

followed by Jeanine and Francis (3 major storms to hit Florida’s peninsula in one season) would be ProudNana. Top gust for my area 98 mph, peak winds topping out at about 79 mphAnyway, I was living about an hour south of where the eye came on shore- this footage would be close enough to where tinlizzieowner lives. They got worse than we did. But we got worse the next year with Wilma    – a massive storm that I felt from 11 pm the night before she made landfall, until 4 pm the next afternoon.  Peak winds for my area- 98 mph topping out at about 100 mph

Welcome to the Wild side Open Thread.

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