When I was a kid I did a lot of daydreaming. There were even times the teacher caught me looking out the window and called on me to answer because she knew I was afar off in some distant place.  

Children have a lot of dreams about who they will grow up to become. Perhaps, it was a famous athlete, an actress or even a great scientist who finds THE cure. However, as we grow life intrudes and most of us don’t live out the dreams which floated through our heads as children. Sometimes, we even stop dreaming.

Tonight, we’re going to change that because each of us has just been given a gazillion dollars to do anything our heart desires.

So what’s your dream? A mansion, a Ferrari or maybe a yacht? Where would you live and what would you change or not change in your life? I think we’d all probably give some away so who would you give it to? 

Share with us your dreams and who knows maybe some will come true.

Ronni K

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