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Yesterday Sufferfortribe commented on Walt’s article about Mount St. Helens:   ” Now I’m following it up with a viewing of a show called Mount St. Helens: Seeing Noah’s Flood Through Geology. Really interesting, especially when it shows how canyons were formed by the mud flows… one day!”   Thanks for the recommend Suffer! It’s included with Amazon Prime so if you have access to that, I highly recommend watching it.   Some of the same information presented by Dr. Austin in Mount St. Helens: Seeing Noah’s Flood Through Geology,  is also talked about in this interview below.   Good stuff!

“Lord of all creation, of water, earth and sky, the heavens are your tabernacle, glory to the Lord on high.  God of wonders beyond our galaxy, you are holy, holy.  The universe declares your majesty, you are holy, holy!”

Come, behold the works of the LORD, what desolations he hath made in the earth.
Psalm  46:8  Amen!

This is an Open Thread so talk about what you want, maybe you’ll share your favorite news sites, articles or chat about the weather.  For all things military I like The War Zone, sometimes they take a little longer to produce an article about a current event, but they usually get it right the first time too.  Many of comments at the site come from military and  veterans and are filled with wisdom and great humor-mostly *grins*

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