Life is a Highway

Good Sunday evenin’ everyone.  Well, we had our sending service for a young missionary family today and it was an amazing thing.  This couple is leaving in a few days to spend 4 years in Taiwan, where they will first have to take intensive language training to learn Mandarin and Chinese- the toughest languages to master.

Watching them with their families during and after the service, there was a lot of kleenex usage going on- and it reminded me of when I left my family to come to a new life in the US.  Back then, I had always focused on how it effected me, but today I looked with new eyes and thought about how it effected my parents and siblings.
God has a way of doing things in our lives, whether we step out of His plans or not.  If that makes sense.  I often wonder what life I’d be living had I never moved, had I not made the choices I’ve made. One thing I can’t help but know is I’d have never met the people I have or had my son.  As hard as things have been in my life, I thank God for keeping watch and laying out His paths no matter how often I charged on without Him.

So, I guess I have journeys on my mind. Not just life’s highways, but where we would go if we could, and where we’ve been where we’ve learned and grown.

This is your thread to share or say whatever’s on your heart.

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