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One of the things we want to highlight at the Heartbeat is news stories that the lamestream never focuses on. We figure every other site has all the rest, political and world events, so we can give the positive side of life.

While I really don’t like animal movies of stranded, left behind, lost or hurt animals (thinking any Lassie movie, Bambi, The Yearling or Old Yeller) I sure do love animals. Check out this amazing story:

Two months ago, Christine Marr thought her cat Ringer had died in the family’s house fire. Last week she and her husband took their dog Chloe to visit what was left of their home when the dog began sniffing all over the framework of the house. Soon she was running around and scratching at a part of the floorboards, bewildering her owners.

Christine’s husband finally pulled the boards back and shined a flashlight into the hole below and heard faint meowing. As they coaxed the cat out with some food, believing it to be a stray,  they realized the malnourished cat was their precious Ringer.  They immediately took their pet to a vet.

“My Mother’s Day miracle!!!” Christine wrote on her Facebook page. “Not completely sure … how he ended up in this hole in the floor. He’s been down there for two months with no food and water. Very skinny but doing well … He has a feeding tube in his neck [and it] is going to be a slow process to reintroduce food but he is going to LIVE!”

I love happy pet endings 🙂

A touching and hopeful story now, as we remember the #BringBackOurGirls tags which liberals thought would make the terrorist group Boko Haram have a change of heart.

In an Associated Press article By Bashir Adigun  it was reported that the 82 Nigerian schoolgirls who were finally released after more than three years in captivity and were reunited with their families in Nigeria’s capital for the first time this past Saturday.

There were many happy tears mixed with anxiety and relief as the families sought out their daughters. “I am really happy today, I am Christmas and New year, I am very happy and I thank God,” said Godiya Joshua, whose daughter was among the freed girls.  

The release of the girls this month came after an initial group of 21 girls was released in October. Nigeria’s government admitted to negotiating with Boko Haram for their release, with mediation help from the Swiss government and the International Committee of the Red Cross. There are still many girls who are captives, some who have reportedly converted to Islam and don’t want to return home. We need to keep all of them and their families in prayers, and pray that those who have chosen to stay will find the love of Christ again.

Finally, this comes from the Seattle Times and is such a cool  story with a bit of history.

After reading Teacher Appreciation Week stories, retired teacher Danny Beatty decided to submit his own amazing story which began in 1955 when he received a draft notice from the U.S. army ordering his induction half way through the school year. His 8th grade students didn’t want him to go and had an idea; they immediately launched a petition that requested Danny be granted a delayed induction – at least until the end of the school year.

The delay was granted and Danny finished teaching the school year before being drafted into the Army for two years. He returned to his teaching position after his Army service and taught 27 more years until his retirement.

Danny has held onto the petition for 61 years as a reminder of the love and kindness showed to him by his students. He even keeps in touch with some of them, a few who became teachers and colleagues.  He brought the letter to show his former students at their school’s 55th class reunion.


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