Every Picture tells a Story

It’s often said that every picture tells a story. If that’s true, I have albums, CDs and boxes full of stories.  Stories that I’m glad are put up in boxes, but some I like to look at and ‘read’ every now and then. 

I used to make CD’s of my boy’s growing up every year, set photos to music and send them back home to my family at Christmas so they could experience life at the swamp and watch their only grandchild/nephew grow up.  

I have stories tucked away in my heart’s photos of 14 years at the swamp, of life and living, but also of saying good bye.  Not all stories have happy endings, but not all stories are finished yet either.

My camera sometimes sits too long collecting dust, but I still find new stories to capture sometimes.

What’s your story? Post some of your favorite pictures if you can, and tell a little about them. It can be photos of you or a trip you went on, your garden, favorite place, or even just the sky (I have lots of picture stories of God’s artwork in the sky!) 

Open thread- happy Friday all.

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