Memorial Day Thoughts

Today when I think of Memorial Day what comes to mind is the sacrifice of so many who laid their lives down so I can be free. It’s a day of reflection and gratitude not only to them but to Almighty God for this nation which He has so blessed.

However, when I was a kid it was more about parades, barbecues and having fun. Here in NJ school doesn’t end until mid June so Memorial Day signaled the end was near and summer vacation was on its way.

Back then our town had a parade on Memorial Day and each year I would don my majorette uniform and march with the town band to the patriotic songs they would play. The parade marched throughout the town and ended at the library where the men from the local VFW dedicated the wreath to the fallen.

After the parade we all went home, changed our clothes and were off to the field behind the school for the many races. One year a friend and I won the two legged race. It was a wonderful time for the kids in town.


    These days, my husband and I spend the holiday relaxing, sometimes going to a friend’s barbecue or driving to the Jersey shore for a day. One thing that hasn’t changed. Old Glory will be flying on our front lawn as a reminder of those who gave all for the life we live.

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