From Star Breather, to Sinner Saver

It’s a little bit late for a new thread this evening, unless you’re a late night person or from the West Coast, but I had to share what we watched at Church tonight, because we all need the reminder of just how Great is our God.

Oftentimes I get overwhelmed with the responsibilities of raising a teen on my own, trying to be both a mom and dad, to be his teacher, and ‘bread winner’, from keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table- and being forced back into the work place doing a physically exhausting job on top of it all.  It’s easy to slip back into the ‘woe is me’ mentality some times when so many things get messed up- not to mention the world seemingly getting more chaotic.

I know I’m not the only one who forgets that we have a Mighty God bigger than the box we sometimes put Him in, and that while He doesn’t always make things easier- He does care and hold us together through all of our hardest times, if we let Him.

I needed this tonight- even though I’ve seen it a few times over the years. It’s interesting though, as I watched, I thought to myself, the last time I saw this (part of it) I was in awe and incredibly blessed by it- even though back then I still had my husband, our son was still young enough to appreciate our boundaries we set for him, I had busy things I enjoyed doing, and didn’t have to rush from morning until falling into bed too sore and too tired to sleep. I had peace and we were ‘self’ sufficient.

Boy how things change- but God is the same back then as He is now, and while I appreciate now knowing that He was the one who blessed us with everything we had, He held mine, and my son’s hands as He held Michael’s hand when He called him home. And He has been with me every shaky, scary, anxious, trying time every day since.

Thank You Lord for reminding me that you not only are big enough to breath the stars into being, but you know my name and care about my hurts and carry me though them always. Forgive me for forgetting that too often.

Consider this an open thread. Even if like me, you’ve seen this before- watch it (all of it) again, so you too can be reminded about our Father’s amazing, incredible and awe inspiring Love.

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