Lions, Donuts and Red Friday- Oh My

Well here’s an amazing story- Lions save Christians from Islamic militants.

According to an article in Christian Daily,  a Pastor  sustained serious head injuries when Islamic militants attacked during a believer’s baptism. While at the hospital, area Christians found that militants were getting ready to attack again and kill the pastor, so they moved him to another pastor’s home to recuperate.

On Easter Sunday, the other pastor was leading a worship service at his house when militants wielding steel bars and other weapons came, but all of a sudden, a lion came from the forest and jumped on the militants. The animal seized one of the attackers by the neck. Two other lions went at other militants who tried to attack the first lion, scaring off the attackers.

The pastor who was recovering from the first attack was amazed that the lions did not harm them and noted with equal amazement that there were no lions living in that area.

This reminds me of the story a little while back where 3 ISIS militants were killed by a herd of wild boars.

Gotta love the irony of Muslim militants killed by pork.

Here’s a story for LilL- you lucky lady, maybe you can order donuts and have them brought by drone to your house 🙂

According to this story, LaMar’s Donuts, of Denver, Colorado, is working with Drone Dispatch and can soon begin donut drone deliveries.

On Wednesday, the company delivered boxes of donuts from LaMar’s to a police station, two fire departments and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, reported the Associated Press.

Denver’s Mayor told the AP: “This is exciting stuff and I think as we get ready for not only drones in the air, and get ready for autonomous vehicles, this is our future, this is how we’re going to become a more efficient 21st century nation, society quite frankly.”

This sounds a lot like the Jetson’s doesn’t it?  Now if we could just have a instant food pill to make chocolate, bacon or donuts, that’d be even better!

Alright folks. This is Friday, I hope you’ll join me in wearing RED to Remember Everyone Deployed.  Have a blessed day, and Lord, please keep our troops safe wherever they are.


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