Heart Strings, Heart Bits and Getting to the Heart of It…

Good Wednesday Mornin’ all.

This morning, we have a couple of stories that tug on the old heart strings, first one comes from Kansas City, where those ‘bad boys in blue’ (and green) once again show their true selves when over 50 thirsty cops showed up at 3 year old Hannah Pasley’s lemonade stand, not to mention the police helicopter flying over.

It seems that Hannah wants to be a police officer when she grows up, and set up the stand so she could raise money to buy herself a uniform. When business slowed down a few days after completing her first goal, word spread on Facebook and soon the cops descended on the stand to help out a fellow officer and also tipped little Hannah with a Kansas City Police Department patch and a Clay County Junior Deputy badge.


The other comes from North Dakota where 10 year old Ryne King  opened a root beer float stand to raise money for a family who lost everything in a house fire. While working hard to reach his goal of raising $500, he’s inspired others in the neighborhood to help too. Some folks organized a block party to help out the family. The proceeds will be donated to the family, along with a community fund.  So far, he’s raised $400.

Good for him!

And now getting to the heart of the matter with a bit of politics.  As regular folks here know, Daisy and I wanted to start a site that focuses more on good, inspiring, and positive news and encouraging fellowship.  One of our hopes is by helping to heal division and change hearts one beat at a time.

It seems that Kentucky Governor (who incidentally CFP had endorsed back when he was running for Senate, then again in the Governor race) Matt Bevin wants to see hearts changed as well as he has called on folks to ‘prayer walks’ in communities to help curb crime.

Governor Bevin presented maps of specific neighborhoods to focus the prayer walking, urging people to take a 10-block radius and commit to prayer walk it for a year. He called on all faith leaders as well as residents and public officials.

“I’m not going to have a commissioner of prayer walks. We’re not going to have 1-800 numbers and websites,” he said. “You don’t need permission from me how to do it. You know, you walk to a corner, pray for the people, talk to people along the way.”

He also indicated that he intends to join in some of the prayer walks, but would like it to just start from grass roots and grow.

Sounds like he’s got the right idea, as our community’s, state’s and country’s problems are a lot deeper than crime and division.  As one local pastor put it,

“We have a governor in Kentucky who is not ashamed or afraid to call us to prayer. Governor Bevin did a fantastic job communicating his heart for the health of our communities… Our responsibility does begin with God’s people seeking and trusting Him through prayer. I am excited to join Governor Bevin in praying for our city and seeing Jesus change lives and our streets!”

That’s more like it! I pray that results will soften even hard skeptical hearts.

That’s the Wednesday Wrap up. I hope everyone has a blessed and Safe day.  God Bless our Troops wherever they are, and keep them safe.

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