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From June 5 Northern Illinois,

A man who was having a seizure first caught the attention of police and Randy Tompkins, when his car started rolling through traffic onto the wrong side of the road.

Tompkins stopped his truck, ran towards the other man’s car, diving through the passenger-side window of the still moving car, and stopped it from heading into oncoming traffic.

He then put two fingers in the driver’s mouth to keep him from accidentally biting down on his tongue.
The unidentified man was taken to the hospital and Tompkins rightfully is now being called a hero.

In Texas, 95-year-old World War 2 Veteran Julius Hatley called the Fort Worth Police Department to report his broken air conditioner when temperatures soared into the mid 90’s .

“This wasn’t a regular 911 call,” Fort Worth Officer William Margolis told CBS News. “It was what you’d label ‘low priority’ because we’re not AC techs.”

Officer Margolis and his partner, Christopher Weir,went to Mr. Hatley’s home, where they discovered both his central air conditioning and window unit were broken. They weren’t sure what to do, but promised they’d figure something out before leaving.

Margolis suggested that they stop at a local Home Depot and Weir agreed.

The officers asked employees for help finding a good air conditioning unit, explaining Hatley’s situation in the process. The Home Depot manager and workers offered to pitch in their own money, too, totaling $150.

They went back later that same day to Mr. Hatley’s home and Officer Weir, along with another co-worker, Officer Steven Rebrovich, helped Margolis install the air conditioning unit.  “He was actually really excited,” Margolis recalled. “He said he knew if he needed help to call 911 and we actually were able to help him, so he was really excited about it.”

“Since the story was [first shared], we have all worked on getting his central air replaced and a company came forward to do so, completely for free.” Jennifer Weir told CBS News. “We are also currently working on getting his windows replaced, his house repainted and groceries every week.”

Margolis said he plans to make a point of checking in on Hatley from time to time.

“He’s 95 years old and he’s a World War II veteran,” Margolis said. “He’s a hero. In our eyes he’s our hero.”

Iraq– Six-year old Iraqi Christian Christina Ezzo Abada was kidnapped by  ISIS when she was three in August 2014,  after the militants overran the town of Qaraqosh, 15 km (10 miles) southeast of Mosul. ISIS has kidnapped thousands of men, women and children from Iraq’s minorities, mainly Yazidis.

Christian families who remained in Qaraqosh were forcibly displaced on Aug. 22, 2014. The militants took away Christina from the minibus which had driven them to the edge of ISIS territory.

The family’s efforts to track her though Arab friends finally paid off this past Friday when they got a call telling them Christina had been found in a poor neighborhood of Mosul, which has been won back by U.S. backed Iraqi Forces.

“We went to a dirty place in Hayy el-Tanak (..), we took the child,” said Christina’s blind father, Khader Touma. Her two sisters and two brothers had escaped to Kurdish territory before the arrival of the militants.

“I’m with mum and dad,” said Christina, playing with a plastic toy, in a mobile home for displaced people in Ankawa, a Christian suburb of the Kurdish capital Erbil, east of Mosul.

It’s a Warrior Wednesday open thread. Have a blessed day all.

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