Holy Ground

If there is an answer to the hate coming from both sides (I don’t believe it can be stopped) it is holy living. Personal holiness has nothing to do with our circumstances. It has to do only with our commitment to our God and King.

Personal holiness is a difficult and scary goal. Take it from a man who’s tried it once or twice. I think I’m a generally pretty decent sort now, but holiness? I know better than to claim to qualify for that title.

Anyway, for those who have ears to hear, I wrote this many years ago.

But folks, all of you, if you read it, don’t just say “Mmmhmm…” or “that’s nice” and walk away. If you agree, if like me you’re too discouraged or scared to try it, say so. Given the size of the Dragon’s teeth (so to speak) fear is a natural reaction. But speaking what’s in our hearts to other believers is good for us. And who knows where it may lead?

copyright 1997

Dare to face the Evil! Stand your ground!
Make every place you stand HOLY GROUND!
First be sure you’re right, then be sure you fight

Is your spirit pure and bright?
Are you walking in the light?
Then everywhere you stand is HOLY GROUND!

In this world’s darkness strong men cower
but by the Holy Spirit’s power
you can walk and stand and FIGHT on HOLY GROUND!

Even though your wounds will bleed
the eyes of Faith see Dark recede
Until the Lord of Light returns to HOLY GROUND!

For your enemies you must pray
for their salvation – every day –
you are their only chance to find HOLY GROUND!

This is not a hopeless cause –
you will hear The Lord’s applause –
but be prepared to bleed to make this HOLY GROUND!

Remember Jesus crucified?
You know how slowly Jesus died.
Alone in agony He cried on HOLY GROUND!

In this life we’re sure to lose.
This is WAR and you must CHOOSE
between the devil or the Lord and HOLY GROUND!

We will suffer and we’ll die
Evil laugh and righteous cry
Until the Prince of Peace returns to HOLY GROUND!

On the bitter Judgment Day
God will wipe our tears away
and we’ll forever live on HOLY GROUND!

And we’ll laugh and dance and sing
forever with the King
We will feel no sorrow sting on HOLY GROUND!

But what about the others? –
those who might have been our brothers –
but they rejected Jesus Christ and HOLY GROUND!

That they’ve earned Hell will be true
but so have I – and so have you –
did you warn them? Did you show them HOLY GROUND?

Did they hear from you the Name
of Him who died to take their blame?
of the One whose blood could gain them HOLY GROUND?

I fear the battle, friend, but I fear more at the end
to hear King Jesus say that I let them slip away
because I would not stand on HOLY GROUND!

Will Jesus say “WELL DONE!” when you see Him face to face
or will you leave His presence in disgrace?
Will you rejoice or will you hide as forever you abide
on Holy Ground?


This is an expansion on the idea behind the poem:

My idea is along the lines of encouraging each of us to spend personal time with God, in prayer and reading His Word, and when appropriate, sharing the results. This gives the Holy Spirit more to work with in our lives. If as a result we choose to share an experience or growth resulting, I think that is a good thing. I’m talking about every believer deciding if, what, and when to speak about their own walk with the Lord. Not picking at each other.

I recently read a comment from a pastor about re-uniting with old friends and one of them “asking probing questions” to “hold us accountable”. My reaction would likely have been to tell this person, “If I want you to know something, I’ll tell you. Quit sticking your nose into my life.”

Accountability is good, but should be used sparingly IMO, and only with those we have reason to trust. What I wanted to accomplish with this poem was to describe the ultimate goal we are headed toward, and exhort (a stronger word than “encourage”) others AND myself to keep that goal in mind as we blunder through this life. My goal as a follower of King Jesus should be to be =>different<= from the world, to be the salt and light that King Jesus commanded believers to be, and speaking for myself first, I need to be reminded of this.

In other words, we should be, not each others’ nagging consciences, but each others’ cheerleaders. If in my life I discover something that helps me move toward holiness, I ought to share it. Not as a judge, not saying, “Be like ME ME ME!” Rather, saying, “This is what the Lord showed me about my failure in holiness this week and how to fix it. Hoping it will be useful to others and wishing to glorify our god and King, here it is….”

I have this tendency to judge others and to leap in with MY idea of how things should be done. It seems to me that the only way I am reminded to “put a lid on it” is when I have been unkind to someone and I realize I have hurt them. I hate that, but it happens. I hope to minimize or eliminate this. If I find something that helps me to do it, I’ll share that.


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