Life’s simple pleasures

Oh my! I’m getting the “guilts” already because after tomorrow night I will have had pizza twice this week. The other night we ordered a pizza because it was too stinkin’ hot to cook! Who feels like turning on the range, let alone the oven, when it’s in the mid 90’s and humid? Not me for sure.

Tomorrow night it will be pizza again. Every few months we meet friends for a pizza night and tomorrow night is the date we set. So, once again I’ll be eating pizza. Now mind you, I love pizza and you could say it’s my favorite junk food. I have also read pizza is the most nutritious junk food you can eat. Okay, so I’m rationalizing the calories I’m about to consume. Guilty as charged.

pizza_trad_pepperoni.png (1538×776)

For sure, I am not alone and if we all admit it there are certain foods, candy or snacks which, if we allowed ourselves, we would go a little overboard. I really do try to watch my weight so I try to limit the snacks and the only one I ever consistently buy at the grocery store is Cheez It but not just any flavor; the Extra Toasty. I do keep them in because Mike likes them too and complains if there are no “goodies” in the house. At times, he has felt as though I have shortchanged him on snacks and goes on what he calls a “goodie run” to the store. He may come home with anything from ice cream and sundae fixings to potato chips and a dip. I always look forward to perusing the bags when he arrives home.

Cheez-It.jpg (500×500)

So, what say you? What’s that item you yearn for from time to time; the snack in your cupboard or the candy bar you buy? Truthfully, these are life’s simple pleasures and make us smile. So I say go for it and, as for me, I’ll console myself with the pizza calorie count knowing we’re having a good time with good friends.

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