Red Friday Mornin’

Good mornin’ all. It’s RED Friday once again. It’s been a tough week for a lot of folks, and sometimes when that’s the case I don’t know what to say to encourage or just ‘be’ there for people I care about.

I don’t have much for this morning’s open thread, but just wanted to remember our Troops because I thank the Lord for them. I’ll always be so incredibly grateful. I’ll always keep them in my thoughts and prayers whether they’re deployed, or back home for a season.

To me, they are all

Whenever they go, I pray for them to just safely get back

Too often too many scars among the tats…

I can’t imagine how much they go through when they’re gone, and sometimes it’s  when life hits hard when they do come home, I wish I could do more than just pray for them. But I know God hears our prayers, and He loves them incredibly….

God Bless our Troops and our Veterans, be with them always wherever they are. And Lord, give them peace, because they gave theirs away for the rest of us.

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