Playing Games

I really enjoy playing games – board games, that is. When we were down the shore our son and daughter in law asked if we would like to play Scattergories. I had heard of it but had never played it before. Unfortunately, I didn’t play it well either LOL. Now that I know the rules next time I will be prepared and will have a better showing.

ScattergoriesBox.jpg (1558×1275)

My son knows he can always ask Mom because, after all, who was it who taught him how to play? At times, it would just be the two of us but there were many occasions his friends would come over and I’d get out the snacks and juice and we would sit around the table and play games. Yes, I taught them too because their moms were working and I was at home at the time. I have great memories of those days and hope he does too.

Since I was a kid I have always liked playing board games. In the summer on rainy days or when we had nothing to do my friends and I would sit on someone’s porch and play games. Sometimes, we’d play Monopoly, Clue or Scrabble and when we tired of them we would then get out the cards and play “Rummy”, “War” or “Snap”. It was always a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time.

gigantic-deck-of-playing-cards-5.jpg (1200×1200)

Things have changed and with the advent of computer games I’m not sure how well the board games continue to sell.  If kids aren’t playing them anymore I think they’re missing out on some fun times. For instance, was it Professor Plum in the Library with the wrench or Miss Scarlett in the kitchen with the knife? You’ll never know unless you play.

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