Thanking Our Father for Our Dads

Sometimes it’s hard to write about something that should be natural and happy, such as a day which was set aside to celebrate Dads.

It’s not that I have a hard time writing about my own memories growing up with my Dad who is one of the best men I know- If this was an article about just him, I could talk all day about him.  I could write about his work ethic, ability to provide and his easy going nature, and how he and I used to have so many dad/daughter dates to baseball games, and times of playing catch out in the back yard.  And I could write about how hard it was to leave home and move so far away, missing my Dad.

I do miss him, but grateful for e mail and talking on the phone- but I wish I could get up there to visit my parents, and have them be able to get to know their only grandson again, now that he’s older.

Speaking of my boy, I think about how he lost his dad at a crucial age, and it makes it hard to think about Father’s Day. It makes it hard but I keep praying that he will be able to grow up to be a great man and father without things that only fathers can teach their sons.

In our world there are moms who have had to be both moms and dads for their kids, and same goes for dads who have had to try and be moms as well- through no choice. I know so many who have grown up to be better fathers’ than they were raised by, and I know many who have grown up to be incredible men, because their own Dads were incredible men.

It’s hard to write a happy Father’s Day sometimes, even though I grew up loved by a Dad who chose me to be his, just as my heavenly Dad chose me to be His, because not everyone has good memories of their earthly dad, and too many don’t think about or realize they have a Heavenly Father who loves them immensely.

I do want to say I hope all dads out there have a safe and blessed Father’s Day because so many Dads are special and deserve a day to recognize them for who they are and how they lead their families.

To those who miss their dads, it’s hard while seeing so many enjoy this day.  Love the happy memories and keep their dads’ alive in your hearts, and thank our heavenly Father for the great men who raised you in the time they were given.

Thank you to all you dads out there who have tried to be the best for your kids and thank You Lord for being all of our Good Father.

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