Summer Fun

In the last few days summer has begun for all of the children who live around here. Schools have closed their doors for the summer and most of the teachers have packed up their desks. That is, except for summer classes given for those who failed to make the grade.

I remember those days well. The last day of school was something I looked forward to and the closer it became the more excited I was about it. To be fair though I always looked forward to the first day of school in September too. However, it was dreams of summer fun that kept me going from mid April to mid June.

Recently, I spent some time thinking about how I spent my summers. There were a few years my parents took us down the shore for a week and then there was the year my grandfather took me to Iowa to meet family I knew existed but never met. Since there were a few cousins my age (14) it made for an enjoyable visit. Most of the relatives lived in Davenport on the Mississippi River and two of my cousins took me on a paddle boat ride up and down the river. It was a great experience.

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Mostly though, my friends and I just hung out together and would go to Crystal Lake to swim or to the neighborhood dances. There was hardly a week that went by we didn’t go to a dance, but that wasn’t only just in the summer. Even during the school year if there was a Friday night dance somewhere we tried to get there.

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On those quiet nights when we weren’t on the dance floor we would walk up to Mom’s Pizza. It was in Collingswood the next town over and quite a walk. None of us were old enough to drive at the time so we traveled the old fashioned way – by foot. Mom’s pizza was the best and they even put shredded cheese on top of the slice. With that and a Yoo Hoo in my hand it was time to see who else was around and my friends and I would walk the town.

Looking back I have many good memories and I thank God for them. Most of the friends to whom I refer I haven’t seen in a very long time. I pray they’re well and hope they smile too when they think about the good times we had.

Have fun everyone. This is an Open Thread.

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