Red Friday Troop Salute & Open Thread

I’m sorry I don’t have a whole lot for today, but Suffer did send me an amazing story we know folks will love.

Today, a dream is realized for Chris Lawrence as he will be sworn in as Chula Vista, California’s latest Police Officer.  While that’s not much  of a story for most folks, it’s an amazing realization after 10 years of hard work and dedication- the same kind of dedication that Chris gave to his job as a Marine in Iraq, until an IED exploded and critically damaged his feet and arm, which ultimately resulted in his right leg being amputated.

He’d always considered becoming a police officer when he got out of the service, and while his physical limitations kept him from his dream for a while, after years of  training, determination, and help from a fellow Marine Vet… is it too much for me just to give a huge “YAY!!!!”?

I know, it’s not dignified, or tough like a Marine.. OK, Oorah!!! is more fitting.

Here’s the link to go read for yourselves

Well done Officer Lawrence. God bless and keep you and all our Boys in Blue safe. Thanks for that story Suffer, I know it made my week.

God bless all our Troops, keep them safe. Thank you to all our troops and veterans, for your Service. You all are exceptional.

Have a blessed day all.

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