What’s on the Taco?

 By Sufferfortribe

Those of you that know me know I love to eat. And when it comes to eating, one thing stands head and shoulders above the rest…….tacos!

So, after running an idea past Duckie and Daisy, I got the go-ahead to write a food thread. At first, a couple names came to mind, like “What’s Cooking?” or “What’s On The Menu?”. But those sounded soooo bland, and when it comes to food, the last thing we want is bland.
Then I thought, how about something outside the normal, since I reside there at times? Hence the name of this thread. Heck, what else would you expect from me?
The reason I like tacos lies in the simplicity of them. Take a simple hard shell (or in my case, a soft one), fill it with whatever you so desire, then chow down. Quick and easy! Great for getting rid of leftovers (which I call a poor man’s taco). Oh, and don’t forget the hot sauce.
Now, this thread is not taco-exclusive. Please share your favorite things to eat, recipes, maybe even meal plans for this weekend. And if you want, add some ideas for tacos. Be creative. I’m brave, for the most part.  🙂 Of course, while I was writing this, lunch time rolled around, and what was I having? What a silly question. Tacos, of course!!
So, let’s make this a celebration of food, one of God’s many blessings to us!

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