How Cool is This?


You know, every once in a while a story comes around to remind us of the good in mankind. These stories usually don’t receive the coverage they should from the MSM.

I remember watching an old TV show back in the days, which I believe was on TBS. It was a show geared towards good news, and only good news. I tried finding some information about it online, but came up empty. But I promise, it’s not a figment of my imagination. 😗  I looked forward to watching it every week(end?). It was nice to see some positive stories for a change.

Well, I ran across this story last week…….

As with every line of duty death, the officer’s passing rocked his department and the law enforcement community at large. As the first anniversary of Wilson’s death approached, his colleague, Philly Officer Jonny Castro, reached out to Wilson’s family for some personal photos to use as reference. He wanted to give Wilson an opportunity he never had while he was alive — to proudly wear the sergeant’s uniform he had earned posthumously.  Carefully decorating the uniform with intricately detailed depictions of the Medal of Honor and Medal of Valor the sergeant also earned after his death, Castro painted a portrait of a man who died a warrior…”  Please read the rest of the story, you’ll be glad you did!


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