Under Pressure


A few weeks ago, I shared my inadequacy in the virtue of patience. Adversity is also something I have a hard time with, or facing things head on and the steps necessary to get through them. I suppose another negative trait could be included would be  procrastination. I tend to get stressed out when there are immediate ‘administrative’ duties I need to do and tend to shove them in the back under everything else until I have no choice but to ‘giter done’.

No more have I had to grapple with these inadequacies than when my husband first showed symptoms of disease which put him in the hospital. I had to get used to dealing with health “care” bureaucracies and handle things like the personal secretary I am not. I also had to deal with impotence of watching him get worse and not knowing what to do to help him. Since he passed away I’ve been given a crash course in so many administrative duties which have been overwhelming at times to deal with.

I’ve never dealt well under pressure, feeling often like a pressure cooker set to explode, instead of realizing that diamonds are made under incredible pressure. 
When things get tough, instead of the tough getting going, it can paralyze us into a state of frustration but also of not knowing what to deal with first. These periods have been happening frequently over the past few years for me and self-anger at my lack of perseverance and impatience tends to still get to me. But as I have been slowly getting through things needing to be done, I am realizing that again, that it’s not always cowardly to not get going through tough things, but sometimes that paralyzing feeling is God’s way of saying “Be still and know that I am God.”

The next time you feel too much pressure and maybe you get like me and simply don’t know what to do; so be still. It’s not always easy to remember during our hardest times, but God uses our circumstances to build us into something more precious and stronger. We may already be more precious than “diamonds” but still we’re still rough. Think of those extra trials as being polished into His image. 

And just an added note as I try and do these devotions every Monday, not only am I hoping it gives everyone a special start to their week, and reminds you all how precious in His sight you are, but to remind myself too.

Have a blessed week everyone.

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