Tuesday Afternoon Positive Heart Bits

Sometimes the biggest positive impact can come in doing the simplest acts of kindness.  This was on display over social media the past week when a photo was posted of a young guy helping an 83 year old man down an escalator at a Massachusetts shopping mall. While random common sense acts of kindness used to be more common place, it’s still a good thing to see when younger folks do something nice for someone else.

The 83 year old man stood atop an escalator frozen in fear of going down, and while other shoppers seemed to be impatient waiting to go, 23-year-old Alonzo Johnson asked, “Can I help you on sir?”,  took the man’s arm in his and helped him go down the escalator.

Alonzo seemed unfazed, and said he was just doing as his mom always taught him, “always do the right thing, and always help people whenever you can.”

In this age of individual rights, division, and selfishness, it’s so good to see a young man still listening to his mama- who obviously brought him up so right.

This next story I love on a few different levels, also involves a young man, and an elderly Jewish man who survived the Holocaust.

California teen Drew Principe met the Holocaust survivor at a school assembly. The man who had really impacted the teen especially the fact that he’d never been to Israel. When the assembly was over, Drew introduced himself to Pip Oster and gave him a bracelet he had bought on a trip to Tel Aviv a few years ago.  It was inscribed with the Jewish prayer known as The Shema.

The man was so touched by the thoughtfulness, they became fast friends.  Drew did some research about Pip’s family and discovered he had a surviving cousin living in Israel, and that somehow at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Israel, Pip was listed as a victim, not a survivor.  Drew got in touch with the Vad Vashem and found that they could have an official ceremony to change Oster’s name from a victim to a survivor.

Drew immediately contacted friends and family members, and anyone who could donate to a fund to help Pip go to Israel. In all, he raised $15,000.00 

Not only was Pip able to go to Israel, he was able to finally have his bar mitzvah, which he had not been able to have as he was deported by the Nazis to his first of several concentration camps (including Auschwitz).  Read the rest of this amazing story here.


When we’re so used to stories of  sports stars and teams promoting social justice causes, or making headlines more off the field than on for abusive or criminal behavior, it’s great to see a Major League ball team take initiative and join in with a Christian outreach and message.

Sorry New York, I remember enough trying hours watching the Yankees beating the Jays to have a lot of love (but I do have respect for many great games & players)  for the team, and being American League all the way, I never paid much attention to the National League Mets. 🙂

However, Way to Go New York Mets!

Immediately following the Mets vs. Dodgers game on Aug 5, MLB and Times Square Church are inviting fans to join them at Citi Field for a worship service held by the church. A faith-based message will be delivered by the senior pastor of TSC, Carter Conlon.

The Christian service will begin approximately twenty minutes after the final out of the game. Stadium officials will then encourage guests to move to field level on the third base side for the service.  Some Mets players will join them for the Faith Day service to share their testimonials as well.

Pastor Conlon has been invited by the New York Mets to throw the opening pitch that day and the church  has said that the team will be presenting a check to TSC on behalf of the 100 churches affiliated with Feed New York to assist its food distribution program. The program is  run by Times Square Church which “supplies healthy food to local churches that are committed to helping people in their community who struggle to provide food for themselves and their families.”  Read more here. 

OK one more,

This one comes from Pennsylvania.

Christopher was just 12 when he started delivering newspapers, and it takes him about 90 minutes to two hours to deliver the newspaper to his customers. Recently he wrote a letter to his customers, explaining who he is, and how he spends his time, and income from his route.

I am 15 years old and I’m in 10th grade. This past year, I went on a mission trip to Guatemala with Big Woods Bible Church in Castanea, and I volunteered to go again this year because I enjoyed seeing all the kids and how happy they were to see us. The second that we stepped onto the property, they started running toward us with open arms and smiling faces. They were so willing to help, practically grabbing the bags off our shoulders. They participated so well, listening patiently to the instructions as we spoke through a translator, and helping each other out. The most touching moment was when we were playing a relay race sponge game and the older kids, rather than just taking over for the younger kids, helped the little kids, showing them what to do and running alongside them.” 

Christopher’s dad notes, importantly, the reason for Christopher’s trip  is to show God’s love by being there and serving them.”

Through Christopher’s letter and example, he’s given witness through the newspaper he delivers for and had his story published for many others to see. Good for him, and good for their community!


I hope everyone enjoys these stories as much as I have, and are having a blessed day!

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