From Sacred Honor to Freedom and Chains

I didn’t pay enough attention to things when I was a kid, riding to work with my Dad. Back when I was a teen, my dad (I worked at his company during a few summers and full time for a while) used to listen to talk radio in the car for the 50 minute commute, but it bored me. The only thing I liked was when Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” came on.
He had a  common sense woven with a great story telling talent that’s hard to come by anymore.

I have a few articles and some devotions I’ve been trying to work on, and folks busy with home and other things, plus being the kick off weekend to Independence Day, I don’t really have a lot to post today, but I wanted to share 2 of Harvey’s broadcasts.  They are both as relevant now as when he did them, and while they’re stark contrasts, they also have much to do with our country and world today.

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday

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