One thing I always took a bit of pride in is my ability to find my way around without needing a map or GPS. My dad had the same ability, and me being a dad’s girl, I liked the fact that I somehow inherited the same ability, even though I’m adopted lol.

Seriously though, there have been few times where I needed to consult a map during all my travels. Once I know the general route to take, I can find my way… eventually.
Detours to me are where some of the best scenery, the best blessings are. Detours aren’t planned most times, and they can be a little scary if you don’t know where you are. It helps to remember you do have a sense of direction and know your destination.

There have been a few times in cities I’ve never been to when I’ve taken a wrong turn and had to wind myself around unfamiliar streets to get back in the right direction. Sometimes I’m too frazzled to notice what’s around as I anxiously look for signs I’m on the right track, but other times I just enjoy the ride while I’m looking.

We may make plans, we might have our lives mapped out, but often something will come crashing into our path and we have to find a new direction. Sometimes it’s scary not knowing where we’ll go or what we’re going to do, and it takes more effort to get through. But instead of worrying, sometimes it’s best to just sit back and try at least to notice some hidden blessings on your life’s detour knowing our destination even if it may take some change to get there.

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