Warrior Wednesday Salute

It feels like the beginning of the week for folks who had an extra long weekend. Hope all had a safe Independence Day.  Especially those who don’t get holidays and are fighting for the same Independence Freedoms that the Founders fought for.

Since it’s Wednesday, I’d  like to share a few stories of folks who haven’t walked the red carpet for awards, their names if known to anyone outside of family & friends have usually appeared only in local newspapers, telling of their experiences in the Military.

First up is Marine Pfc. Silas Jessup, who for the most part of WW2 was a member of Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division.  He remembers seeing the first American flag go up on Suribachi the morning of Feb. 23, 1945, from his ship, the USS Randall.  Going ashore after the American’s took the Island, he volunteered to be a stretcher bearer, knowing there would be a lot of casualties.

You can read the full story of his amazing service here.

The next hero of the day is Robin Matthews.  He was an Army medic aboard a hospital train dispatched to treat the wounded from the massacre at No Gun Ri during the early stages of the Korean War.  He recounts the events which led to the massacre,

“Remember, we had just been massacred at Tajon. I can sympathize with the American soldiers at No Gun Ri, Korean civilians all wore white clothes…. You couldn’t tell who was the enemy and who wasn’t. The enemy used mothers pushing baby strollers in front of them as shields. A 14-year-old kid could be the enemy.”

He’s definitely had some tales to tell, and you can continue reading here.

It wasn’t so long ago we remember seeing news accounts of Iraqi’s voting for the first time- proudly displaying their purple fingers. Sgt. Daren Taylor arrived in Iraq at Christmas, 2005 during Operation Enduring Freedom.  He was a medic who worked out of a house in the middle of Baghdad, and you can read his story here.

God Bless and protect all our military- Past, Present and Future.  Thank You for your Service!


Consider this an open thread & have a blessed day all.

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