Saturday Morning Bike Ride in Wheeling.

I haven’t been on a bike ride for quite a while and didn’t get many photo’s this morning but I did take a few.  It was a good ride, we started at the port down town and then just rode a short jaunt toward South Wheeling along the river on the rail trail.  Usually B has a hard time keeping me on the trail, (Hey look!!  Let’s go over there)  but I was good today, mostly 😉  That’s me.

The weather was beautiful for riding today,  not too sunny for riding and cool temps.   We started riding a few years ago when we found an old bike in the basement here and restored it.  Then B found another and then another and soon it was all bikes all the time.  I was thrilled to be living in a place with a trail for bikes that we could ride down town and for miles without having to go on the road.  I explored all over Wheeling this way with B.  This is B.

Here is where Wheeling Creek that runs at the bottom of our hill flows into the Ohio River.  I love this spot.

South Wheeling is more industrial, when we go north on the path,  it gets real quiet and if we’re lucky we might get to see an eagle.  That’s also the way to the dam and our favorite local restaurant where we eat on the deck and watch the river traffic.  Here’s a few more and this is an open thread.  I hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday!  I did have to get off the path to take pictures of that cool old jeep, I love that.


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