A Bonanza Sunday Night

Well, Daisy kind of kicked this off last week with a great episode of the Rifleman, and since I had no time to think of much today, I figured a lot of folks around here love classics- why not go with Bonanza.  But, since the episodes (Found here) won’t allow me to embed it here, I found something interesting- Things you didn’t know about Bonanza 🙂

I’ll admit I never watched this when I was a kid, and have only watched enough of them with the boy on MeTV to know who is who lol. Actually I knew Little Joe and Pa a long time ago from other shows.  That and the fact that Lorne Green was Canadian. He was also a well known musician,

Ah well, it’s a good show and worth watching a time where right was right, wrong was wrong and the good guys always came out winning.

I think I’ll watch this with the boy as we have dinner. See y’all in a little while 🙂
Hope everyone had a Blessed Sunday- consider this yet another open thread to hang out and just enjoy the rest of the evening.

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