RED Friday Round Up


There have been so many cool (and odd) things in the news lately, so I asked Duckie if I could put together another thread to share a few with you. She said cool.
And if you have any you’d like to share, please do. Stories from your home areas are always a good place to start, unless you live in Kalifornia like me. It can be hard to find anything positive or uplifting in this pro-regressive state.

So, without further ado, here’s a few of my favorites:

The subject matter of this one made me feel irritated at first, but then something¬†hilarious happened…..

Robosuicide: Security robot ‘drowns’ after plunging into fountain

As some of you know, July 4th brought some fires in my immediate area. One was called the La Cadena Fire. This one was right down the road from where I live. My city’s brave firefighters put this one out before it could get out of control, but it took several hours to do so.
They do a great job, which I witnessed up close when a fire caused by fireworks burned next to my apartment complex. So when they were done with the La Cadena Fire, they ended up heading to a Denny’s here in town, and this happened…..

Anonymous woman pays for fire crews’ meal at Denny’s in California

Now for a couple of stories about animals. First up, one from a place I’ve been checking out recently, which is fairly close by our very own Duckie. But I do have to wonder, what’s up with the raccoon comment?

Injured owl rescued from pool in Polk County


And finally, my favorite story…..


Meet the Dog Who’s Going Viral for Saving a Drowning Baby Deer

Have a blessed RED Friday, and please keep our brave soldiers in your thoughts and prayers today and every day.



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