God Using My Bad Day To Bring Good To Others

This is why it was bad

I went to the dentist for a simple cleaning. That went like a breeze…..until the dentist did her check of my teeth. She found a cavity in a tooth that had a gold half-crown on it.
Now, I’ve never been happy with that crown, so we decided on replacing it with a full crown. When she removed it she discovered the cavity went all the way into the root….and she doesn’t do root canals. They actually have someone else who comes in to do those.

So we decide on a temporary crown until I can get all that and a crown done…..until I find out it would be in August. (Still trying to figure out that setup)
So, after saying there’s not much difference between the cost of all that and the cost of an implant, I choose the implant. But the cost of one implant with crown is around $2,400. OUCH!

I have a few missing teeth, and now discover any implants must match up on top and bottom. This is destined to be somewhat problematic. So we talk about my options, based on what is needed and where. Molars, premolars, etc. So, now it’s time for some x-rays…..then a mold for the temporary crown……then a full-mouth mold. Ugh. Now they’ll send the x-rays to the implant folks and see what their opinion is as far as options. The molds will be used to explain those options to me.

You’d probably think I’d been through enough already, right? But noooooo, one more thing happened.

I needed numbing, of course, so they used Lidocaine. No problem there. But they also used something else, a shot that had never been used on me before. Don’t remember it’s name, but I had an allergic reaction to it. The left side of my bottom lip swelled up something ugly. Looks like when a frog does what it does. Now I have to take antibiotics for the next 10 days. (Bonus! I got to go to my local Walmart! Double Ugh!)

By now I’m pretty miserable, but still smiling. I really like these people. I’ve been going there for years, and even though my original dentist sold this practice to the corporation now running it, he did work out an agreement with the buyers which required them to keep the ladies working there already. And the new dentist is really nice, too!

So, you’d think nothing good happened there today, right? Far from it. God brought good from all that bad.


This is why it was good


The lady who did the cleaning is a Christian, and we chatted about our families. I mentioned that I was going to Bible Study tonight, among other things. A very pleasant conversation.

Well, another young lady who helped the dentist with my other treatment struck up a conversation with me about my church. I told her all about the Bible study, how we are an evangelical church that teaches from the scriptures, and showed her our church app. Gave her a card, too. She said something to me that made me smile, how everything needs to come back to scripture. šŸ˜

When I told her about a once-a-month program called Family Stuf, a time when parents and their kids attend together and enjoy Bible-based skits and singing, etc, she got really excited. Turns out she has 2 young boys. I hope she takes them sometime. I know they’ll have a great time. I don’t think the mega-church she currently attends has anything like that. I also hope she attends on the weekend, too.

Oh yeah, the first lady, the one who did my cleaning? Her 18-yr-old daughter recently informed her she doesn’t believe in God. Says she only goes to church to please mom. Broke her heart. So I told her I was putting her daughter on my ever-increasing prayer list. Would you please say a prayer for her, too?


Total time at the dentist? 4 hours. Total worth? Priceless.


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