Taking it to the Streets

We’ve all seen them, people milling around public squares, train stations, sidewalks and park grounds when all of a sudden a lone performer playing an instrument is slowly joined by others until a seemingly impromptu orchestra breaks out with a hearty rendition of Ode to Joy or some other beloved classic.

Some folks call them street performers or flash mobs. They are so cool and You Tube is full of them.  I thought it’d be fun to watch a few of the favorites, and also see what else is out there- as it seems the world has talent.

This first one isn’t new and it’s had almost 38 million views. It has a bit of a slow start, but keep playing and it gets good. What I love most is seeing the some of the kids- it’d be worth doing something like this just for their reactions.

It’d be amazing to to  put on your dancin’ shoes….

This one from the USAF has always been one of my favorites,

So, with this open musical thread, lets have our own flashmob of favorites- we’re taking it to the streets to find some talent.

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