Intro to Urban Survival

Its amazing how years of ‘self’ sufficiency living in the boonies can fly out the window when moving into the city and depending on public utilities and grocery stores you are faced with more than a day without electricity.

Imagine a power outage of more than a week due to a local electrical grid malfunction- or worse, every modern day convenience which involves electric and computer chips is wiped out by an EMP.  What will you do to survive?

One only has to remember such disasters as Hurricane Katrina or Sandy to realize how fast society can disintegrate into chaos as people who’ve been dependent on modern technology and our government for their well being.

There are obvious differences between wilderness and rural survival and that of having to keep you and your family safe if you live in a city or town.

I have always had more experience in a rural environment, so all this urban stuff is still new to me, and I’m having to find different ways of thinking when it comes to planning for “just in case” scenarios.

I thought it would be a good idea to start with the basics and go from there, and hopefully some folks with more knowledge will feel welcome to share anything they can of their own skills.

First basics is preparation, just in case you find yourself in a situation where what you have can mean the difference between life and death.  This video is one I found that has some common sense tools to have available.

When things really hit the fan, the essentials will be,

Water Procurement and Purification
Security and Awareness
Weapons Training and Safety
Self-Defense and Combat
First Aid and Medical
Handyman Skills
Equipment and Vehicle Repair
Bartering, Haggling and Negotiating

I can think of a few regular Heart Beaters who can add their expertise to each of those essentials to help the rest of us at least learn the basics, so let your ideas and thoughts flow and share what you know- because you all know more than you realize.

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