Canvases and Paintings


By AZBrownEyes

Life has been called a dance, a struggle, a blessing, and sometimes a curse. We each enter the world with a blank canvas. Year after year, that canvas becomes painted by all that occurs within and outside of us. Every brush stroke of life is permanent; it can’t be covered over or altered, because it happened. All of the wonderful and miserable events of every life is captured forever on that canvas, blending to form the true picture of who we were and will be. We never know what that final painted canvas will look like, because the brush strokes of life never cease until the last beating of the heart.

For some who die before birth or very young, the canvas is very simple. Those are the canvases that are the most beautiful in heaven. They are the purest colors of innocence and love, unmarred by life’s tragedies.

For some who die unexpectedly, but who are not old, the canvas may appear unfinished to those left behind, as though the painter simply walked away. However, those canvases are exactly and perfectly complete in God’s eyes. There are no unfinished lives in heaven, and those life canvases are beautiful just as they are.

For those who live long lives, their canvases are incredibly detailed. These are the canvases that have taken unbridled joy and heart-wrenching pain to create. The bright colors are the most illuminating the mind can understand, and the dark colors were created by every ugly assault on the soul.

Year upon year, the brushstrokes reflect all that life has lived. They are intricate works of art that tell thousands of stories all at once. Only God can view and understand these canvases.

During mortal life, every canvas is either held in God’s hands, or spinning endlessly in the dark abyss. They may go in and out of God’s hands throughout the person’s life. Some willingly never allow God to hold them. Some very few are firmly held by God as each decade of life passes.

Some who never had the chance to know about God, or were too young to make that choice have their life’s canvas in God’s hands always. He understands and loves them even if they never knew he existed.

No canvas is ever left behind when the life is over, unless that life made such a decision. God cannot hold on to those canvases, though he so desires to do so. He must let them go, meeting their horrific ends in a place that can only be understood by going there.

God knows every brush stroke of every canvas ever painted by the life who lived it. Not one moment is lost, because every moment mattered. Every single life canvas given to God hangs on the walls of his kingdom for eternity.

You see, God creates every precious and beautiful soul and then allows that soul to paint its own picture. No matter how ugly and disappointing that picture may look to us, it is loved and cherished by God. After all, it belongs to him.

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