RED…. Blue? Friday Round Up

by Sufferfortribe

Well, here I am, going through my closet, trying to decide which red shirt to wear today. But it seems I have more blue than red choices, and can’t make up my mind. So how about we have the option of either today, and make this a combination RED and BLUE Friday thread?

Today is our day to focus on those brave souls deployed everywhere in the world, but how about we also give notice to those here who protect and serve their communities? We are blessed with many who answer the call to be law enforcement officers (LEO), and I hate to think what things would be like without them.

They, like our brave soldiers, suit up daily, placing their lives on the line, never knowing if they will make it through their shift and home to their loved ones. With the many lawless in our society, along with those who have hatred towards them, we should pray often for their safety, too.

So in honor of these brave men and women, let’s look at a few stories I’ve come across recently, that show a side of them, and their families, that often is ignored in the MSM.

Thank God for our brave soldiers and LEOs.


First, a rescue of sorts…..
Puppies found at homeless camp rescued by deputies, volunteers

Next, man’s best friend in action……in a different way.
Photos: Officer brutally attacked by felon receives therapy dog visitNever forgetting a

fallen brother-in-blue…..
Colleagues finish building tree fort for slain NY trooper’s daughter

Now this is creative…..
Old police uniforms find new life as children’s teddy bears

And finally, from tragedy to this…….
Widow Has Baby of Slain NYPD Detective Years Later


Have a wonderful RED and BLUE Friday everyone!

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