A Positively Enjoyable Shopping Experience

By Sufferfortribe

I just had to share this, since they don’t often happen. I mean, haven’t we all gone shopping at one time or another, only to experience the unpleasantness of irritating fellow customers or an employee who just doesn’t care?  

Well, since I’m planning to go on a visit to see my mom, I decided to go shopping for a new pair of shoes, ones of the cross-trainer variety. I have been wearing my current pair quite a while, and beating them down even more since I recently started my exercise regimen. Being that my shoes are of the Skechers brand of shoes, and that I really like them, I decided to search out a pair of the exact same ones. I prefer wide width, and these are that, plus they have the memory foam insole. Very comfy.

So after my most recent dental torture….er appointment…. I headed over to the nearest Skechers store. But to my dismay, this particular model is not on the racks. Major bummer!

Right about then a sales associate comes along, an extremely pleasant young lady to inquire of my needs. I immediately point to my shoes and say “another pair of these.”

Well, she informs me that particular style is no longer carried in stores, for about 2 years now. (dang, didn’t know it’d been that long since my last pair)
But then she says they are still available online, up to size12. Guess what my size is? Yep…13. So now I think I’m out of luck, and that I will once again have to decide on a new style to wear. Major bummer again.

Then she tells me she’s gonna try something, goes and gets on the computer, and comes back to inform that she has found 3 possible pairs of my shoe in size 13. Okay, now I’m getting a bit excited. Only thing is, the locations are San Francisco, Dallas, and San Antonio. I tell her that’s a bit too far to drive for a pair of shoes. She tells me not to worry, she’ll get them shipped if they have ’em.

First call—San Francisco. Nobody answers.
Second call—Dallas. They can’t find them.
***Now I’m getting bummed again, but she doesn’t give up.***
Third call—San Antonio. THEY HAVE A PAIR!!

Now, this young lady has already gone above and beyond what most retail workers would do. But then she shows me how she can get them shipped directly to my home…..for free! Plus, I also get a discount on the price with my AAA card!

After all the details and payment are taken care of, I tell her just how impressed I am of what she’s just done. She acts like it’s no big deal. 🙂

I don’t let it go at that, and ask for her boss, who I then inform of all that she did for me. When we receive service like this, I believe this is the proper thing to do. In fact, I will be looking into how to email their corporate office to share this experience.

Well, that’s it. Now I’m just waiting on the delivery of my new shoes, which she said should be within 7 business days. Plenty in time for my trip.

This young lady took an unpleasant day I was going through and made it an experience to remember.
What a blessing.

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