What’s On The Taco?!

By Sufferfortribe

Okay, my stomach is starting to growl, as dinner time slowly creeps upon me. Soooooo….it must be time again for another journey to What’s On The Taco.

But this time let’s go in a different direction and look at something that’s near and dear to my heart, namely minor league baseball. Now, you might be wondering if maybe I’ve recently hit my head, but hear me out.

What’s something we all do most of the time, when we go to an event somewhere? That’s right, we get something to eat. When it comes to events, besides church, my favorite thing to do outside the homestead is go to a baseball game.
But as we all know by now, the rising salaries being paid to the Boys of Summer have made attending a Major League ballgame a costly experience, especially when you add on what you pay for parking, concessions, and memorabilia—–if you get into collecting that stuff. Me, I like ball caps and t-shirts.

So, as an alternative to the high costs, I started going to Minor League ballgames. Luckily for me there are 2 teams nearby where I live. The closest team–The Inland Empire 66ers–is only 10 minutes away, depending on traffic. (Heck, every drive here includes the phrase ‘depending on traffic’.) The only problem is that they’re located in the lovely city of San Bernardino. Yeesh.

The next closest team, about 30-45 minutes away, is the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, located in….well…..Rancho Cucamonga. 😏
They have a mascot named Tremor.

His fellow mascot? What else–Aftershock!
Okay, so back to the food. Choices to eat at the minor league ballparks are much more affordable, and are getting more creative yearly. Recently, MiLB partnered with BUSH Beans to have a best recipe contest, with 64 teams involved, called Home Run Recipes. I believe this is an annual thing that’s been going on for a bit now.
Every recipe had to include a style of BUSH beans in it, and Rancho Cucamonga’s entry has me wanting to go to their ballpark real soon. Nothing at the 66ers makes me feel like that, ever since they quit using Hebrew National hot dogs.
Alright, I’m gonna post a couple more articles, because they show what’s becoming a popular promotion around the minors—identity changes for teams, tied into a food theme. They go all out when doing these.
Okay, let’s eat!

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