Higher Standards of Immigration

*Note~ The following was written by a Christian sister and  friend on facebook.  While I can identify somewhat with her parents’ story, I know that millions of others can as well.  It is a story of America, which hopefully people will begin to realize that those of us who come through the process of legal immigration, is what this country is about.  It’s because we love America before we get here and are willing to work for and earn ‘our place’ as Americans.

I may have mentioned it previously, but, I am first generation West Indian. Both of my parents hailed from Nieves/Saint Kitts. I challenge you to Google them. They are two itty bitty, pencil dot-like, specs in the long chain of Caribbean islands.

With all of this flap about immigration and tightening the standards, I’m all for it. And, I’ll tell you why.

Both of my parents came to the USA in the early 1950s. Back then, there were much higher standards in order to enter the country. First, one had to have a family member, or relative, who was a citizen “in good standing” who would “sponsor” you. My Great Aunt Josephine (who was considered rich back then) sponsored both of my parents.

Next, you had to have a permenant place of residence. No sneaking into the country and sleeping on the streets in cardboard boxes like I see some Mexican men do here in NYC.

My Great Aunt Jo owned a brownstone in Brooklyn and that’s where my parents lived.

Next, you had to have permenant employment. Aunt Jo saw to that by getting a job for my father in a hospital as a janitor. My mom worked in Aunt Jo’s home as a domestic and took care of kids on the side.

In addition to this, both of my parents were required to take and pass citizenship classes. Also both went to night school to get their high school diplomas.

Obviously, Great Aunt Jo was also a matchmaker because as my late Dad would tell me, “The first time I saw your Mom was when she was up on a ladder washing the windows. And thought wow, who’s that?” My Mom, wasn’t so impressed back then. But, I’m here….

I gave you this bit of history to reinforce my belief that America must maintain strict standards for immigration. In addition to requiring all of the above, our government should run international criminal record checks. If a person has a criminal history (or is wanted) in another country what makes you think they are going to keep their nose clean here in the USA?

I also heard this morning on the news that potential citizens will be required to give social media accounts passwords. If some people have to do it to get a job, why not? The more checks, the better. Out of it, we will get better quality citizens who are grateful for the opportunity to live here and who will assimilate, not savages who will prey on the innocent and drain this countries badly needed resources.

Nanci S.

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