Another Battle Won

by Sufferfortribe

I’ve never had to deal with them, but I believe some of you have. Who are them? HOA’s, that’s who.

From the stories I’ve read or heard over the years, some of these organizations, and the people in charge of them, seem a bit on the crazy side. In fact, how about I share a few that I found online. These had me shaking my head……

A man from Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., lost his home because he planted too many roses on his four-acre site. The board fined him and watched monthly as the fines mounted.
When they slapped a lien on his home, he went to court and lost because he’d transgressed the board’s architectural design rules. He was stuck with the board’s $70,000 legal fees and lost his home to the bank.

This lady got punished by the courts, too…..

A woman from Pomona, Calif., who was involved in a divorce fell behind with her monthly dues. The board said she owed $1,000; she said it was less than $800, and they went to court when the board threatened foreclosure.
The woman was right — the volunteer board’s amateur accountants goofed, but the judge ruled she should have made back payments during the dispute, anyway, and the therapist was handed a $22,000 legal bill.

Here’s a couple that sound plain dumb…..

A family that cares for five foster children in Port Richey, Fla., was threatened with eviction from their residential development. The association considered having foster kids a business because the state paid $2,028 a month to care for the children.
The 56-cents-an-hour ‘business’ owners are still fighting the case.

A couple from Lawrenceville, Ga., found they had a $3,500 lien on their house when they tried to sell it. The homeowners association had been fining them every day they left pink flamingos on their lawn but didn’t tell them. The association got the money, but the couple have filed suit to get it back.

Reading stuff like that makes me want to forever avoid HOA’s. Maybe HOA really means Horribly Obtrusive Association?

Well, I have been following a particular story in Florida about one of our military veterans, who has been going through a battle with his HOA. The issue? His mailbox.
Yeah, it’s as dumb as it sounds, but you’ll love how it ends……

Navy veteran wins dispute with Fla. HOA over American flag mailbox 

Yay! Victory!

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