Blue Thursday

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By Sufferfortribe…..with a H/T to Bruce, for providing the idea for this thread.

You see them all the time. And those times when it seems you can’t find one, they’re just a phone call away. Who are they? LEO’s……….our men and women in blue.

These brave souls go out every day and night, protecting and serving us, putting their lives on the line. They never know what dangers they will face on that next call, but still answer it, knowing they might be all that stands between some form of danger and the public they serve.

W e all see the hatred many show towards them, but deep down we also know there are many more who support our law enforcement heroes. And that’s what they are—-heroes, willing to help all, even those who hate them.

Are they all perfect? Of course not, but what person truly is? But when you take into consideration what they have to face day in and day out, then you realize just how incredible they really are. Heck, I know I couldn’t do what they do. How many of us could?

So, when you see one today, or tomorrow, or whenever you do, stop and take the time to say thank you, shake their hand, and tell them you support them…..even say a prayer for them.

Now it’s time to share some stories about these heroes:


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